1 Download

Download the APK file here:

Download apk v2.2.0


Before installing this apk you will have to uninstall the old version of clickr if you are running v2.1.0.0 or earlier [See Fix 'Not installed' error]


2 Find the apk

If there is no browser window popping up after the download has finished, you have to manually open the apk file.
Normaly this file can be found in your downloads folder.

3 Install

Click the apk file in your file explorer or the 'open' button of your internet browser and follow the installer.
If it worked, you can stop here, otherwise continue.

4 Get permission

Open your device settings and open either 'Security', 'Lock screen and security' or 'Biometrics and security'.
Here click on the entry for 'Install unknown apps' or 'Install other apps'.
There find the browser or explorer app you are trying to install clickr with, click on it and enable 'Allow from this source'.

5 Fix 'Not installed' error

Sometimes, when you are updating clickr in another way than it was installed a 'Not installed' message can pop up.
To fix this you have to uninstall the old clickr app first.
But don't worry, your scores won't get deleted. If you are connected to a network while tapping your score is backed up on our servers.

6 Additional help

If you can't get it running after all that help, feel free to ask me via clickr@drmax4nix.PlOƄ.Vdesg~7ZS|toN.